AI tool and article roundup!

AI tool and article roundup!

I’ve been reading a lot about the emerging AI tools over the past few months and decided to do roundup of a few articles of interest.

First for something out of left field,

AI Company Says It’ll Perform a Seance on Your Dead Loved Ones
If I’m not mistaken, isn’t this how horror movies begin?
From the article:
“We’re trying to make it sound as magical and as mystical as possible,” Rocks told Futurism, saying the name is a call to attention over how advanced large language model (LLM) tech has gotten.

This one’s very cool, an AI tool that turns your photos into pro-style headshots. You might never have to book a session again! I actually did this and what they do is ask for 20-30 headshots with different angles, looks and expressions and then they create 300+ headshots using AI. Some results weren’t the greatest but I did get some really great headshots. It’s definitely worth checking out!
Link: Secta Labs

AI Is Transforming Ecommerce Into a Virtual Playground, or so the article says. While it might not revolutionize ecommerce right now, AI is able to take some of the monotonous tasks off the plate of the marketer. A good read with some good ideas for AI usage.

Link to article:

and lastly, a list of AI tools that can help Marketer’s with their day to day tasks.