How AI will change work and management going forward

How AI will change work and management going forward

I read an article that talks about how AI will transform how we work, how we manage our work and how managers will need to evolve over the coming years.
Managers absolutely need to explore the various tools and capabilities coming out of this revolution and determine what will work and improve productivity for them and their teams.

From the article:
“I think we’re going to look back in five and 10 years and say, wow, the manager that emerged from the confluence of those technologies is just an entirely different person. They need to know how to manage the time and energy of the people in their organization across time and space. They have to be able to recognize where augmenting human capacity with machine-based capacity is going to help them get the job done faster, better, higher quality. All of those factors are things that we’ve never really factored in. So while I can’t predict exactly what that will look like, it’s easy to predict with 100% certainty that the manager of the next even two or three years is going to look very different from the prototypical that’s been trained by business schools over the last few decades.”

As someone who leads teams, I need to make sure I’m paying attention to and adopting these new capabilities where needed, not just to stay current, but to streamline my and my teams productivity, because at the end of the day, if productivity isn’t improved then it’s a mute point.

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